Less of a young professional - more of an ancient amateur.


Chief Technology Officer during the building of CodeIgniter and ExpressionEngine. Built a massive, scalable RESTful API for the ImpactFlow SaaS. Prinicpal Engineer at Automox and Lead Engineer for buddhi. Talented at understanding in-depth technical details while keeping an eye on the bigger picture.


Eternal student of Nature, Science and Technology, Medicine, and Philosophy. Wrote thesis on the Right of Privacy and went back to school in his 30s for Pre-Medicine. Is thinking about starting a podcast to explore the different Millenial viewpoints to his favorite topics.


Runner of trails, climber of rocks, and a long distance gravel bike racer. Thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in 2013, attempted the Tour Divide in 2023. Have survived blizzards on Mt. Hood and scorching days in the Mojave. Burnt out on couscous but always up for a Snickers or slice of pie.


Do not assume this is up to date...

Paul Burdick is a 44 year old programmer, adventurer, and all around geek who is unwilling to call himself an enterpreneur because he refuses to put on airs. He frequently dabbles in startup life and has been the Chief Technology Officer for both EllisLab (creator of ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter) and ImpactFlow. He now resides in Boulder, Colorado and is enjoying a well deserved rest from work before finding his next adventure or job.

He has a degree in Philosophy from Reed College and returned to school a decade later to attend Portland State University for Pre-Medicine. Since 2003, he has been a certified Wilderness First Responder and later was a licensed Wilderness EMT for four years in Oregon. He interned at the Portland State Outdoor Program and has used his wilderness medicine expertise and backcountry experience to guide trips around the Pacific Northwest for both schools and nonprofits.

In 2013, after a long recovery from a knee injury, Paul completed a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail and discovered how truly magical modern marvels like internal plumbing really are. He is an intermediate mountaineer who has climbed multiple Cascade volcanoes as well as Mt. Whitney and Longs Peak. Other passions include trail running–the chillier and muddier the better–and long distance biking, typically on gravel. He recently returned from a failed attempt at racing the Tour Divide and is wondering if he should try again next year.